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Redfall (Bethesda) pushed back to Xbox Series and PC? News @VGR


Arkane Studios’ next cooperative shooter (Deathloop) may well be pushed back a few months.

Arkane Studios’ next game, Redfall, has so far been expected for the summer of 2022, but a recent update to its Brazilian game sheet has cast doubt.

Real postponement or simple misunderstanding?

Discovered by several users, the date of Redfall would have changed on the Brazilian promotional poster, now hinting at a winter 2022 release.

However, if Bethesda, Arkane and Microsoft have remained silent on the subject, several Reddit users have noted that the winter period in Brazil extends from June to September for the northern hemisphere. Which would mean thatthis would not be a postponement, but simply an update for the southern hemisphere. Especially since, for the moment, no press release mentions any postponement.

On the other hand, we haven’t heard from the game for a while and there were rumors of several difficulties within the studio at the start of the year. Doubt therefore remains.

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Anyway, the situation should quickly clear up. In all cases, the software will see the light of day this year on Xbox Series and PC, and will join the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it is released.

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