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Thirsty Suitors: a feminine Scott Pilgrim-like by Annapurna Interactive


When the creators of Falcon Age come up with a game inspired by Scott Pilgrim, it turns out Thirsty Suitors. Confront exes who are a little too sluggish and try to satisfy your parents’ inordinate demands.

Fight your exes, disappoint your parents and get to know each other“. Here is an original pitch. Second game of Outerloop Games (Falcon Age), Thirsty suitors stood out during the pre-show of the Game Awards 2021 for his quirky side and his false airs of Scott Pilgrim in the feminine.

Fighting his dalleux exes

Because yes, it will take castigate punks on wheels, suitors and exes a little too sluggish, through a system of turn-based combat and a small layer of RPG. On the program, improvements, special abilities, and a mood system which will make it possible to take advantage of the weaknesses of his opponents.

Despite everything, the game will be storytelling focused, with a story revolving around culture, relationships, family pressures and self-expression. The players embody Jala, a young woman grappling with the demands of her parents and who must learn to love herself while healing the wounds of her past. Lack of pot, time is running out. She will have to mend her broken friendships, reconcile with her exes, and endure the pressure of her parents until the arrival of Nani, the terrifying matriarch of the family and who judges everything.

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Skateboard mechanics and Indian cuisine

For the extras, Thirsty Suitors will embed skateboard mechanics with grind, techniques, combos and challenges, but also a mini-game around Indian cuisine.

Our mission at Outerloop Games is to create accessible games about under-represented cultures. Thirsty suitors will give players insight into the personal experiences of our teams growing up, which could be very different from what they themselves went through»Says Chandana Ekanayake, co-founder of Outerloop Games.

At the moment, the game is confirmed for PC via Steam at an undetermined date, but it should arrive “soon”. As the game is published by Annapurna Interactive, it is almost officially released on other platforms.

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