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Witch on the Holy Night will be ported to PS4 and Switch (in Japan)


While an animated film about it is in the works, Witch on the Holy Night will be released on PS4 and Switch very soon, 10 years after its first release.

Ten years after its first appearance on Pc, Witch on the Holy Night will soon benefit from ports intended for consoles PS4 and Switch. And like its previous version, this future coming only seems to concern the Japan.

Offering high definition resolution, this visual novel developed by Type-Moon and published by Aniplex is expected this year at a date still unknown on the machines of Sony and Nintendo. However, it is possible to see the game appear around the month of the franchise’s tenth anniversary, either in April or a little before.

And, perhaps, it will even be a matter of making it coincide with the arrival of the animated adaptation ofufotable (Demon Slayer, Fate …), which was announced a few days ago. While waiting for the official communication on this matter, you can take a look at the video uploaded, although it is only in Japanese.

In a mansion on top of a hill live two witches …

The end of the 80s. The twilight of an era full of extravagance and liveliness. A boy who comes to town crosses paths with two witches living in modern times.

The boy led an ordinary life; she lived with dignity and pride; the girl lived in hiding, as if asleep.

Each of their stars had its own path. Their alignment was unthinkable. But it didn’t take long for these three people, all different from each other, to start living together.

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