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Yomawari Lost in the Dark: the new episode of the horror series takes place


The horrific series Yomawari is now at its third opus whose release date has been revealed in a new trailer.

Debuting in 2015, the Yomawari horror saga plunges you into dark places haunted by malevolent spirits trying to catch you. In May, news broke that the third iteration of the license was due out this October. Things haven’t changed since then, but a new trailer entitled “Ghosts” has given us more details about this date.

Where is the ghost? It’s here!

Thus, the studio Nippon Ichi Software gives us an appointment October 28, 2022 to discover their new story taking place always in the country of the Rising Sun. You play as a young girl with amnesia who wakes up in a gloomy forest, without knowing how she got there. A strange individual will then reveal to her that she is cursed. To lift the curse, she must find her lost memories. Then begins a tortuous journey in the heart of a city inhabited by ghosts with nightmarish appearances..

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Yomawari: Lost in the Dark will not only use the mechanics of its elders, it will innovate. If you will still be able to flush out spirits and other mysteries with your flashlight, a new way of escaping the numerous threats will enter the series. The idea is that if a specter is watching you, you can now close your eyes to avoid meeting his gaze and thus escape him..

Other small novelties are to be declared, like the customization of the main character’s appearance (hairstyle, clothes, etc.) or a more extensive bestiary and terrifying. Finally, you should know that the game will also be released as a physical edition “Deluxe” including the digital soundtrack of the software and a mini artbook. What better way to satisfy the fans of the license.

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