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Disney Speedstorm: A Racing Game with Pixar/Disney Heroes in 2022


Gameloft is announcing a very fan-service game that will offer players the role of many Pixar and Disney characters in an arcade racing game a la Mario Kart.

Gameloftthe former mobile subsidiary of Ubisoft, announced a racing game on PC and consoles in 2022. Disney Speedstorm will take the form of an arcade game in circuits inspired by the universe of Disney and Pixar films. The game will be free-to-play but has for the moment no precise date, nor announced supports.

A first trailer has been revealed, featuring the silhouettes of some iconic Disney characters, like Donald, Mickey, Sulli, Jack Sparrow or the Beast. The press release already announces many sets inspired by the docks of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Great Wall of Mulan or the wilderness of The Jungle Book.

Cross-platform, the game will offer a local or online multiplayer mode, but also solo challenges. In the form of a live-service, we can also expect additional content as it evolves. Pre-registrations are open.

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