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EA pays tribute to NFL legend John Madden


The American Football League mourns John Madden, one of its legends, who was also the headliner of an EA Sports game franchise.

From many ancestral sports franchises from EA, we obviously know FIFA, NBA Live … and Madden NFL. Even if American football is very obscure in our regions and only fascinates a few people compared to the USA, the name of the simulation of this sport will forever be associated with a name, John Madden.

The first title, John Madden Football, was released in 1988 on DOS and Commodore 64, and will launch a series which will have known almost one episode per year for 33 years. It is therefore quite naturally that the American group paid tribute to “coach Madden” in a press release, following his disappearance on December 28.

Today we are losing a hero. John Madden has been synonymous with American football for over 50 years. His knowledge of the game was matched only by his passion for him, and his appreciation for all those who have walked the field. A humble champion, a willing teacher and forever a coach. (…) Thank you, coach.

John madden, who played for Philadelphia in his youth, began his career in 1960. Best known for his 9 years at the helm of the Oakland Raiders, he will be Super Bowl XI champion, and holds the second-best winning percentage in the league. Between the end of his career in 1978 and the middle of the 2000s, he became a consultant and commentator for American television. He was 85 years old.

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