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Elden Ring: An almost 4-minute live-action Thai commercial


The official video for the hit from From Software in Thailand chose to use real footage and reveal gameplay only at the last minute.

The Thailand is a country that doesn’t do things like the others, and for Elden Ring it’s a long live action publicity that we are entitled to.

For more than 3 minutes, no image of the game is revealed, but that does not prevent it from clearly referring to the game lore from From Software in which, remember, George RR Martin, the author of Games of Thrones, took part.

It’s here grandmother’s sacred ring which comes to be destroyed and cause a family drama. And as the “tarnished child” returns home reminiscing about his childhood, many winks are done at the Elden Ring before he calms everyone down when he arrives and has a blast playing the PS5 title with Grandma.

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That broken ring which each member of the family claims his share of course refers to that of the game that the demigods covet and that the player must reconstitute.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series since February 25 and has been a real success with excellent feedback (see our test) and record sales.

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