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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: A Compelling Short Preview


The XXL extension of Monster Hunter Rise was revealed during two hunts that were too short, but which make you want to go back.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is intended to be a major extension, like what Iceborne was for Monster Hunter World. The exclusive Switch and PC extension is about to release its fangs on June 30 and we had the opportunity to discover a portion upstream for nearly 30 minutes.

A snack that whets the appetite

So these are two hunting quests that are available to us. Quests are all common where 4 hunters went on an expedition to face two new big creatures. One in the desert region, already known from the original game, and the other in the Citadel map, the new area that the expansion takes on board.

Alas, difficult to make any judgment on the latter insofar as the presentation was satisfied with the bare minimum in terms of exploration.

The map looks darker than usual, even in the middle of the day and still plays with verticality, a strong point of this opus. But apart from that, it will be difficult to say more without having the game in your hands and it will be the same overall for the experience.

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We haven’t had the opportunity to see any big news except two new creatures that are the Lunagarona giant canine covered with scales which will be one of the new big challenges of the software, and Sergiosa wyvern capable of throwing a multitude of boulders, which here appeared particularly tricky to fight since the two hunting sessions presented focused on Paragon Contracts, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s ultimate difficulty.

However, you have to admit that it makes you want. Already, the simple idea of ​​being able to get back into long hours of hunting against all new creatures, collecting new equipment and facing new challenges enough to arouse curiosity. But even if we haven’t had the opportunity to really see the extent of the extension in detail, the confrontations, always as impressive technically and artistically, made our mouths water. Monsters give sweats and unleash their bestial rage using attacks as lively as they are explosive, and it’s always so fun to be able to share this with several people even if Sunbreak will offer solo quests.

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Capcom also announces dozens of hours of straight-line gameplay, a brand new hub, and a whole bunch of as yet unannounced surprises. Just have to wait until the end of June.

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