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[Nintendo Direct] Kirby and the Forgotten World shows gameplay


Nintendo’s little pink ball appeared for several minutes of gameplay, giving us a glimpse of several new features.

Kirby and the Forgotten World will arrive with us on March 25th exclusively on nintendo-switch and promises a complete change of scenery for the license.

Announced as a (semi) open world, our little ball swallows everything will once again have to face a thousand dangers and collect dozens of stars to save the world. On the other hand, the software intends to spice up the adventure with a good dose of noveltieslike the ability to absorb street furniture and gain special abilities from it.

We can for example transmute into a car, to rush into the heap, into a distributor, into a construction plot or even into a hang glider. Next to that, it will obviously always be possible to swallow and absorb the properties of most of our adversaries.

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Premium, you will be able to manage a small village acting as a HUB, which it will be possible to improve by rescuing your prisoner allies scattered throughout the levels. An entire program.

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