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One of Halo Infinite’s lead writers joins Riot Games


New League of Legends Designer Recruitment: Riot Games Signs the Arrival of Halo Infinite Narrative Designer.

Aaron Linde, principal narrative designer at 343 Industries, was notably illustrated on Halo Infinite. This seasoned screenwriter is an industry veteran, passed through Bungie, ArenaNet or even Gearbox, he worked on the scenario of Guild Wars 2, on Gears of War 3, on an expansion of Destiny 2 or with Battleborn, the Gearbox game where he was the lead writer.

New year, new change in his career: Linde therefore becomes a screenwriter within Riot R&D, the research branch of the publisher, which focuses in particular on the design of the firm’s new projects. And there are many at the moment: the fighting game Project L, the hack’n’slash Project F, a new MMORPG and the development of LoL Cinematic Universe, who can already count on the recent arrival of a former Netflix.

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Remember also that Riot has already drawn on the competition last September, with the arrival of the former quest designer from The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Riot seems to be making a small narrative team not stung by beetles … It remains to be seen if the mix will take hold.

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