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Sony ships new prototype consoles, PS5 Pro in sight? News @VGR


Digging through the shipping records of Seair Exim Solutions, we can notice that Sony Interactive Entertainment has shipped a mysterious console prototype to one of its parent companies.

It will surely make those who are still at looking for a PS5 more than a year after its release. But you suspect that for playstationthe world does not revolve around all those unlucky ones who pay the price for this shortage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is always looking for innovations or improvements for its video game section. Proof of this is the recent presentation of PSVR 2, which is still looking for a release date. But this time, a mysterious prototype appears in Seair’s shipping records.

The PS5 Pro in the boxes?

Among all the development kits distributed around the world, we discover a “VIDEO GAME CONSOL (PROTOTYPE)” sent on November 16, 2021 in Norfolk, United Kingdomfor a total of 694kg. If we refer to the weight of a standard PS5, it would represent a total of 177 consoles. Which is nothing.

Should we see the premises of a PS5 Pro? In any case, the previous generation of console before saw the arrival of the PS4 Pro 3 years after its big sister. The timing would therefore not be so crazy as that, as we know the development and test phases are long and tedious. Unless it’s just that prototypes of PSVR 2. We will not know more for the moment, but admit that all this seems curious.

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