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the next opus not before 2024 finally? News @VGR


While EA talks about long-term vision, the firm intends to make people forget Battlefield 2042 as quickly as possible.

We were talking to you not long ago about the future of Battlefield 2042 and more generally about the franchise itself. Today, the very informed Tom Henderson comes to bring some additional details, in particular concerning the next opus of the saga.

No Battlefield in 2023?

Battlefield 2042 has wallowed, we’re not going to repeat it 50 times, but the game is struggling to bring players to its servers and, if we knew the software had less than 1,900 players on Steam, sources from Henderson claim that the game can’t even reach 10,000 players on all platforms. Let me tell you, it hurts.

Never mind, EA already has well-drawn plans for the rest of the license and even intended to release a new opus in 2023. Last year, Andrew Wilson himself bet on it, saying that it was the “direction” that things were taking within the company.

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Except that Henderson’s sources on their side think that it would be far too premature given the progress of the project and that it would be very surprising if EA decided to release the next part so quickly after the uncontrolled skid of Battlefield. 2042. Moreover, during the last financial report, Andrew Wilson (him again) declared that the license was for the “long term” and the new teams were working on future opuses inspired by the methods and works of Respawn (Apex Legends).

It could therefore be that the publisher ends up calming things down and finally decides to give the developers time to polish their copy by aiming a release for, at least, 2024 instead of 2023.

Anyway, we hope so.

Source: whatifgaming.com

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