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the sales figures given, ultimately a success? News @VGR


In response to the last sales of Ghost of Tsushima, game director Jeff Ross spoke for the first time about that of his baby Days Gone, with concrete data to support it, and also returned to the non-validation of a suite.

Ghost of Tsushima is doing well, great even with over 8 million sales, but the celebration of a few hours ago left one person with a bitter taste. This person is Jeff Ross, game director on Days Gone, who has worked for the Mortal Kombat studio since his departure.

The reason is explained in his tweet: despite have sold more than 8 million copies in a year and a half (and a month, that’s precise), then over 1 million on Steam, the studio management always made the developers feel like it was a big disappointment:

As we can read, it does not implicate the highest management of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and especially not the former president Shawn Layden “who didn’t kill Days Gone 2 but was his best lawyer”. An advocate who stepped in to congratulate the former Bend Studio again:

In another tweet, he insists and therefore seems to rule out a sustained online lead that would imply that Jim ryan, the new CEO and President of SIE, is responsible for the non-validation of a second game by reaffirming that it was above all a local internal refusal:

So what was the (real) problem behind it? Jeff Ross had underlined it after the paper of Jason Schreier, the lukewarm critics did not play in favor of a continuation. It includes the sacrosanct Metacritic, the aggregator of press and player ratings, widely scrutinized by the industry. The long development didn’t help either.

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