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The Sims 4 Wedding: No Russian Release and for Good Reason


Lesbians in my game? Not here. Barely announced, the new The Sims 4 Wedding pack will not be released in Russia.

It’s time for Simlébrations. The surprise had been spoiled by unfortunate leaks, but the announcement lived up to expectations with a trailer that changes a little from the ordinary.

A pack to flesh out wedding options in The Sims 4

We knew that the franchise was going to try a more narrative approach, it finally turned out with The Sims 4 Wedding Pack. To present its next paid extension, EA and Maxis released the big means with a trailer centered around Dom and Camille. A video that shows under cover of history the different gameplay possibilities of this pack, which will expand the marriage options already present in the base game when it is out February 17 on consoles and PC.

Players will be able to discover the Tartosa world, its striking sunsets, its breathtaking beaches and its impressive waterfalls. In short, a paradise for romantics and the ideal place to celebrate the nuptials of your Sims, from the wedding to the renewal of vows. Here, players will be able to manage and customize the entire organization of the happy event, from the altar to the honeymoon: the festivities preceding the ceremony, the participants, the decoration, the dress code, the cakelocation and more.

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The icing on the cake in addition to an extensive dressing room, EA and Maxis have added options for traditional ceremonies from other cultures, especially Chinese and Indian. More information will be revealed this Friday, February 11 during a steam on the game’s Twitch channel.

Weddings that will not be celebrated in Russia

Trouble is, the trailer that accompanies the pack reveal isn’t to everyone’s taste, because Dom and Camille are two women. The video tells their story, from their meeting to their wedding, including their honeymoon. The women embrace, kiss, in short, a pretty little couple celebrating their happiness, union and love. But for Russia it does not pass and The Sims 4 Wedding Pack will not be released in the Motherland.

Since Russia’s homophobic law has been enforced since 2014, The Sims 4 has been considered “gay propaganda”, with the game celebrating same-sex marriages since the release of the second installment. “As we progressed through the development and storytelling of this pack, we knew we couldn’t share Cam and Dome’s story freely around the world.” Spread the word, The Sims 4: Wedding isn’t banned from Russia, but EA won’t release the expansion there.

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The reason? Maxis and EA refuse to change the story of the two womenfor the benefit, one imagines, of a heterosexual couple, to comply with federal laws. “Not telling Cam and Dom’s story would have compromised the values ​​we hold dear.“, of which “the freedom to be who you are, love who you love, and tell the stories you want“.

We’re determined to uphold that commitment by highlighting and celebrating stories like Dom and Cam’s, and so we’ve decided to forgo the release of ‘Marriage’ where our story should have been changed due to federal laws.

Source: www.polygon.com

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