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This detail in Fortnite that would announce the crossover with Lord of the Rings


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A small visual detail in the latest Fortnite update is said to be a tease for the game’s next major collaboration.

As we know, Fortnite is doubling down on its efforts to come up with ever more incredible collaborations in the Battle Royale. Thus, Epic would have disseminated a small clue about its future crossover directly in the game’s settings. According to the famous leaker ShiinaBRAn interesting detail is found on the beaches of the island. At one place, a small construction with stones and beer bottles intrigues: it looks strangely like the layout of Fort-le-Cor, where the battle of Helm’s Deep took place.

There is a reference to the wall exploded by an Orc in the final battle. Is the teasing voluntary and realistic? What we can notice is that the new series on the Lord of the Rings is scheduled for early September on Amazon Prime, a good time to launch a collaboration, after the recent appearance of Sayians in Fortnite. In the meantime, you can enjoy the Late Game mode in a few days.

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