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What is a live casino in an online casino?

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Live casinos are a relatively new form of online gambling which is gradually being mass adopted by online casinos today. Essentially, it is designed to create the exact same experience that players would get if they were in a land casino. Players are able to wager from the comfort of their homes and preferred devices while enjoying better casino bonuses and payback percentages compared to other games.

What makes a live casino so exciting is the fact that the game is run in real-time by a human dealer instead of algorithms like other games. This article covers everything you should know about live casinos in an online casino.

Live Online Casinos in the US and Canada

Live online casinos are the new trend, taking gambling online by storm because of their real-time experience. This new mode of online gambling creates a real-time experience for players, giving them the feel of actually being in a brick-and-mortar casino. Live online casinos are increasingly becoming popular today across the US and Canada.

Handled by a dealer, players can wager with real money, which is then translated to data using software. This is referred to as the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that allows players to take part in a land casino action without being present. The results of the game are also determined by humans instead of automated algorithms.

Some of the best online gambling platforms that offer live casinos in the US and Canada include:

  • Golden Nugget Casino
  • DraftKings Casino
  • Caesars Casino
  • BetMGM Casino
  • Kassu Casino
  • Playerz Casino
  • Sloty Casino

Increasingly becoming popular among players, live casino games require casinos to make significant investments in technology and staff. For one, it requires strategically placed cameras, information technology specialists, camera men and live dealers.

The relatively expensive setup is largely responsible for why live casinos only offer a limited number of games. These usually include roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and sic bo. The cost of running virtual games is much lower, therefore, many online casinos lean towards improving that technology.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Live Online Casino

When choosing an online casino with the live casino options, here are a few things to put in mind:

Gaming Options

Live casinos are very limited in the number of games they support, therefore, ensure you go for a platform that supports all the currently available games. The live casino should support roulette, black, and baccarat, to say the least, however, sic bo is also a good addition to have. For the best experience, settle for a live casino that supports all of them and maybe even more. Casino bonuses also vary from one game to another, so having a wide option means you can enjoy different bonuses from different games.

Payment Methods

Generally, the best online casinos support several payment methods that players can use for deposits and withdrawals. These include e-wallets, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and more. The more, the better, as having a plethora of options allows you to choose your most preferred method for payment and withdrawal.

Casino Licensing

The casino licensing is non-negotiable and should certainly be a deal breaker for you. Stay away from live casinos that are not licensed by international or domestic regulatory bodies. Such casinos could be run by fraudsters and easily fold up with your money. Not being regulated by any authority means you have no superior association to make an appeal to.

What are the Key Components in a Live Casino?

There are several setups that come together to make an online casino function. Some key components include:

  • HD Cameras
  • Casino Wheels
  • Monitor for Displays
  • The Dealer
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Let’s take a deeper look at each:

HD Cameras

Cameras play an important role in the successful streaming of live games. The recent advancement in technology makes it possible for small-sized but powerful cameras to be positioned to stream live feeds.

For example, live roulette casino games make use of three separate cameras during streaming. One covers an overview of the whole setup, the other takes a shot of the table, while the last one is the so-called picture-in-picture display.

Casino Wheel

Live casino rooms might have a wheel setup or not, depending on the game being played. Basically, these casinos work with manufacturers to produce wheels with built-in sensors that allow the casino software to interface with them.

Monitor for Display

Just as the name implies, the monitor shows players streaming online what they see on their screen. You can choose not to appear on the screen by sitting out of the camera blind spots when playing or watching.

The monitor also helps the dealer, as it tells when to take certain necessary actions. It also helps them keep track of the bets for when they can be placed and closed. With the monitor, the dealer can also see the players who are online at every moment. When players decide to live chat, the monitor acts as a screen between the player and the dealer. This ensures that all questions and issues are resolved in real-time.

The Dealer

The dealer is very crucial to the success of the live casino. Basically, they handle the game, making the players get the feeling of being in a land-based casino. The dealer is also required to thoroughly understand the game rules as they undergo proper training. During a live game, every action of the dealer is tracked using smart card technology.

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