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God of War Ragnarok will be very accessible and proves it in video


The next big cartridge from Sony reveals itself a little bit by presenting its various accessibility options.

In recent years, video games have multiplied their efforts to make their game as accessible as possible, whether in terms of difficulty like Elden Ring or by improving the user experience like Horizon Forbidden West and Forza Horizon 5. this last point that God of War Ragnarok highlights today, videos in support.

God of War Ragnarok for all

Expected for this year, God of War Ragnarok will already resume several options that had been deployed with God of War PCsuch as automatic sprint, changes to the reticle or even the aiming style.

Nevertheless, many other parameters will also appear for the first time in the license. You can for example edit subtitles back and forth by touching the size of its font, the captions, the color or even by choosing whether or not to display the names of the contributors.

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But it doesn’t stop there because Santa Monica will also offer many optimizations for the ATH, the icons or the menus.
In particular, it will be possible to modify the size of the interaction icons in-game and in the menus, to touch on the HUD scale, to use audio signals to facilitate the task during exploration or even to modify the contrasts in order to better bring out the characters and the objects. As a bonus, icing on the cake, you can also change the mapping of your keys as you see fit.

Even more accessibility to come

In total, the studio announces that it has already implemented more than 60 accessibility options and that many more are currently in the pipeline. You can also review all this in detail directly in the dedicated blog which goes into more depth on all the features mentioned above.

We are committed to improving accessibility and personalization for everyone. We look forward to giving you details on our other categories of accessibility features such as combat/aiming aids, puzzle/minigame aids, HUD tweaks, camera tuning, detection automatic and much more.

Not proud of its advancements in the field, and to celebrate World Accessibility Awareness Day, Santa Monica wanted to share with us a new trailer using the visuals already presented, but adding several audio description elements.

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