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June 2022 VR News


With a little delay this month, and just before the probable new announcements of the Upload VR Showcase, here is our classic Actu VR.

This month of June 2022 is marked by many virtual reality outingswithout counting of course those which will arise, as usual, without warning.

And it started from June 2 with no less than 5 titles in our selection. First the old-style air shooter Wings 1941, from Ztar Games on Questthen the First Person Tennis court ball game simulator from Mikori GamesAlways on Questas well as the rhythm game Drums Rock by Garage51in early access on PCVR and always expected on Quest, but also the pilot of big robots World of Mechs of Studio 369only on Quest 2and finally The Last Clockwinder of Pontoco and Cyan Ventures on PCVR and Quest 2.

We continue the June 7on PCVRwith The Last Taxi of ZenFri which invites you to embody the last human taxi driver in a future that leaves little room for hope.

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the June 9we find the medieval combat simulator Swordsman VR from Sinn Studio, which was due to be released last month on Quest but which was postponed, as well as the portage on PCVR by Incuvo from Green Hell VR, and the early access release of STRIDE that Joy Way enhances with the passage of a multiplayer mode on PCVR and Quest.

We continue with the roguelike Mothergunship: Forge from Terrible Posture Games expected on Quest 2 and PCVR the June 16.

the June 17it will be the turn of the action-adventure game Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok from Zojoi to launch on PCVR.

We then move on to June 23 with Grid Leaper from Neon Pink Software on PCVRthen to Kayak VR: Mirage from Better Than Life which will be released on June 28 on PCVR.

We will end the month with Wands Alliances, from Cortopia Studio and Beyond Frames Entertainment, which introduces 3v3 matches in Wands and which is expected for the June 30th on Quest 2.

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Finally, we will end with Iragon from Repulse Game and SZH which should arrive on PCVR during the month, just like the Ragnaröck Hellfest DLC on PCVR and Quest which will introduce, in connection with the famous festival, the raids in the rhythm game of WanadevStudio.

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