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Minecraft: Jason Momoa (Aquaman) set to star in the movie


Mojang’s film adaptation of the game is reportedly set to cast Jason Momoa. The actor is currently in negotiations.

The success of Minecraft on consoles and PC gave ideas to Hollywood, who intends to ride the wave. It is that the video game in the cinema has rather the wind in its sails. The recent successes of Uncharted and Sonic are not going to make us say otherwise.

In fact, the film has been in the making for years. But things are starting to pick up speed. If the director of this film production is already known, this is not the case for the casting.

The direction will indeed be entrusted to the one to whom we owe the joyfully offbeat Napoleon Dynamite, namely Jared Hess. And, it seems, that he will be able to count on the presence of the actor ofAquaman to give consistency to this universe destined for the cinema.

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Nothing is done yet. However, barring an incident, it could be that Jason Momoa could indeed sign the contract. The interpreter is currently in the final stages of negotiations according to information collected by the Hollywood Reporter.

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