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Persona: Atlus’ Series Coming to Xbox Soon


It had leaked earlier today, the Persona series confirmed to be coming to Xbox at the very recent conference. It will also integrate the Game Pass.

This was certainly unofficial, but we already knew it even before the Xbox conference announced it. And who was still at the origin of the leak? Yes, we give it to you in the bullseye, it is indeed the one to whom we owe the revelations concerning The Last of Us or even Silksong.

As he said, it will therefore be three episodes of the cult series from Atlus which will join the catalogs of xbox consoles. Something that could also be foreseen since the publication of a very recent survey in particular.

The series is coming to Xbox in October

Previously exclusive to Sony consoles, the Persona saga is finally coming to Microsoft platforms. Thus, as announced via a video in particular, it will be three games that will be made available to Xbox players.

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First, it’s Persona 5 Royal which will be added. It will be October 21, 2022. Then will follow Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable at a later date, 2023 obviously.

All the games, with texts in Frenchwill therefore be available on Xbox Series, Xbox One and on the Microsoft Store. And again, the three titles will also be offered to subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass.

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