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Street Fighter 6: Leak Highlights Game Characters


A few hours after the broadcast of its video, Street Fighter 6 saw the list of its characters leaked on the web.

As you saw last night, Street Fighter 6 took advantage of the State of Play organized by Sony to show itself and thus disclose some information about it, whether on these new modes or on some of its characters.

And, when some of them (Ryu and Chun-Li) had no mystery for fans of the license, others were slowly being discovered. This was the case for Jamie but also for Luke, although this one is not entirely new due to its appearance in SF V via DLC. The others have not been explained by Capcom. But, now the secret has apparently been revealed.

The characters on the run?

As it seems, street fighter 6 would have actually been at the center of a leak, unwittingly revealing about twenty characters, whose visuals are currently circulating on social networks, like ResetEra. A disclosure, of unknown origins, but which seems credible to say the least.

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And so, we logically find iconic faces such as Zangief, Blanca, Honda, Ken, Cammy… as we can see through the two images below:

But, it is especially the third snapshot shared which is a little more interesting since it draws attention to personalities hitherto unpublished, with the exception of two of them. From left to right, it is therefore Luke, Marisa, Jamie, Mimi, Lily, JP, Kimberly and AKI

Characters whose presence is not in doubt, and some of whom even made a very furtive appearance or were mentioned in the video previously broadcast. This is, for example, the case for Kimberly that we can see on the billboard, at the end of the trailer. A billboard on which, it also seems possible to see another name not mentioned here, as mentioned in particular by Gematsu. Which indicates that the cast presented here in illustration is not complete.

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Now all that’s left is Capcom confirm the thing and communicate more to see a little of what these new faces are capable of.

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